Newspaper Charges Coulter with Voter Fraud

November 10th, 2006 2:42 PM
The Palm Beach Post is attacking Ann Coulter for voter fraud for voting at the wrong polling place.

Says Editor and Publisher:

The Palm Beach Post today urged a Florida election official to move more strongly on the case of columnist Ann Coulter's alleged voting fraud. And the Post editorial criticized Coulter's behavior.

"Coulter, who specializes in tirades against Democrats and others whom she considers unpatriotic, voted in the wrong Palm Beach precinct during the town's February election," the editorial stated. "As a result, Supervisor of Elections Arthur Anderson had a chance to show the public that even celebrities aren't above the law. Instead, he has made a halfhearted attempt to turn the matter over to the state attorney's office.

"In contrast to what she writes and brays, Ms. Coulter's behavior as a suspect has been annoyingly coy. Her defense is that she's above the laws that everyone else is supposed to follow. She voted in the wrong precinct to avoid publicly acknowledging her true Palm Beach address. Her privacy is a matter of personal safety, not law.

"Dr. Anderson had ample time to document the case against Ms. Coulter. Such documentation would have included her voter registration, her signature on the voter roll at the precinct where she cast her ballot, and her attorney's responses to requests for her address. Instead, Dr. Anderson last week sent the state attorney a letter citing his 'exhaustive efforts to bring closure to the allegation,' and the conclusion that his office is not suited to 'undertake this investigatory challenge.' To his request for guidance, State Attorney Barry Krischer suggests that he call the police -- and, this time, turn in names of witnesses to the alleged crime."

The editorial concluded: "Jose Lambiet of the Post broke this story nearly nine months ago. If Dr. Anderson wants voters to have faith in his office -- and these days, that's in short supply -- he should put together the case he should have been building. No one is supposed to care more about election law than the elections supervisor."