Writers of New Coulter-Bashing Book to Remain Anonymous

September 25th, 2006 1:17 PM

The four writers of an upcoming Ann Coulter-bashing book say they want to remain anonymous out of fear of violence from "gun-toting, abortion clinic-bombing" conservatives. As long as they don't say a word negative about Islam, their lives are safe. What's more likely is they're afraid of a verbal/written counterattack by Coulter herself, one that is better written and more skillful and targeted at the actual authors.

Reports the New York Post:

THERE'S a good reason why the four authors of the upcoming book "I Hate Ann Coulter!" are remaining anonymous - they're afraid for their safety. "None of us want our real names in the hands of gun-toting, abortion clinic-bombing, self-proclaimed 'wing nuts,' who follow Coulter," one of the scribes tells us. Coulter , who called 9/11 widows publicity-loving "harpies," is shown with a devil's tail and horns on the book's cover. It's only the second time in Simon & Schuster's history that an author's identity has been kept secret, the first being, "Go Ask Alice," a teen drug addict's diary, published in 1971.