Al Jazeera Struggles to Find U.S. Carrier

April 4th, 2006 8:15 AM
The New York Post reports that Arab news channel Al Jazeera is having trouble finding any U.S. cable providers willing to carry its new English-language channel.

AL-Jazeera International, the English-language network of the controversial Arab channel Al-Jazeera, is set to launch this summer - but still does not have a single cable company signed up to carry it.

The network is staffed largely by Western journalists, including "Nightline" correspondent David Marash and veteran interviewer David Frost.

It had been set to launch last month, but for unexplained reasons, postponed its start date until summer.

Government officials have accused Al-Jazeera of promoting terrorism.

Who will be the first to crack? Time Warner? Comcast? Cox?