Brian Williams: Hurricane Inspires More Coverage of Liberal Issues

The Los Angeles Times reports that NBC anchor Brian Williams "couldn't bring himself" to stay away from New Orleans for very long.

"The experience has also moved him to consider other areas of coverage that he says need to be addressed."

And what a surprise, the other "areas" that need to be covered are mostly issues that MoveOn activists hold dear.

"I will be asking my network to lead a discussion on the issues of class, race, energy, the environment, disaster planning, Iraq — all those things and more," Williams said. "This encompasses so many of the major issues of our time."

As Brent Baker reported two weeks ago, Williams wondered, "had this been Nantucket, had this been Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, how many choppers would have--"

His speculation was interrupted by applause from the liberal audience of Comedy Central's Daily Show.

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