Media Reporter Offers Defense of Corpse Obsession

PostWatch spotted an exchange during today's online session with Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz. Each week Kurtz answers questions emailed to him by readers.

Reports PostWatch:

Recap: Weak defense of selective victim photography....

Arlington, Va: Lots of conservative web traffic concerning the media insisting on photographing and publishing pictures of the dead in N.O., but refusing to publish/show photos of those forced to jump from the towers on 9/11 - what's your take on this argument?

Howard Kurtz: Some organizations published those pictures from 9/11, because I remember seeing them. The controversy, as best I can recall it, is whether television would show these suicides, and I don't believe the networks did.

You recall incorrectly. The issue isn't whether anyone published photos of the victims of terrorism leaping out of 100-story buildings to their deaths, but rather what most media did most of the time. Did many newspapers publish those photos? Did many newspapers publish none?

Those are rhetorical questions.

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