Five New Biden Family Scandals ABC, CBS, NBC Are Censoring

June 3rd, 2024 9:55 AM

As NewsBusters reported, ABC, CBS and NBC were obsessed (even before the final verdict came down) with the Donald Trump trial. 

On Monday, another big trial involving a political figure begins.

However, don’t expect anywhere near the amount of network interest in D.A. Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump — because these legal proceedings involve Hunter Biden. 

While Hunter isn’t on the same level as former President Trump, he is still the son of the current president and therefore his gun trial should garner a lot of attention and it probably would if ABC, CBS, NBC weren’t so in the tank for Team Biden.

If their refusal to cover any of the recent Biden family scandals is a guide, don’t expect ABC, CBS, NBC to plaster their evening and morning shows with reports on Hunter Biden’s gun trial.

The following are five brand new Biden family scandals (from the last three months) that ABC, CBS, NBC refused to report:   


Documents Show Hunter Used Sandy Hook Memorial to Set Up a Meeting Between Joe and Chinese Business Partner

On May 27, the New York Post reported:  

Hunter Biden used his dad’s appearance at a Sandy Hook shooting memorial event to coordinate a previously unknown planned meeting between the former vice president and a Chinese business partner, newly unveiled texts showed.

On Dec. 12, 2017, Hunter messaged CEFC executive Liu Yadong on WeChat to arrange a meeting with his powerful dad, documents released this week by the House Ways and Means Committee revealed.

“Can you meet this evening early,” Hunter wrote in the messages obtained by IRS investigators. “My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook [sic] memorial service with him and I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works.” “No problem,” Liu replied. “Pls let me know where and when to meet.”

Joe Biden was later pictured at the Plaza Hotel for the event commemorating five years since the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It was not immediately clear if Biden and Liu actually met that night.

Despite repeatedly insisting his family earned no money from China, the president featured prominently in first son Hunter and first brother James Biden’s multimillion-dollar relationship with CEFC, with most of his known alleged interactions happening in 2017 shortly after he left office as vice president. Joe Biden played a similar supporting role in Hunter’s dealings with Chinese state-backed fund BHR Partners, which was registered just days after the father-son duo landed in Beijing aboard Air Force Two in 2013.

The newly revealed texts between Hunter Biden and Liu came after several months of back-and-forth over the Biden clan’s involvement in a deal with CEFC – which has ties to the Chinese government – in exchange for a cool $10 million per year.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds.


House Votes to Release Evidence That Proves Hunter “Indisputably” Lied Under Oath

On May 22, the New York Post reported: 

The House Ways and Means Committee voted Wednesday to release 100 pages of new evidence that shows Hunter Biden lied under oath to Congress during his Feb. 28 deposition.

The evidence, provided by IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who probed the first son’s finances, reveals Hunter “indisputably” lied at least three times during his sworn testimony, the panel’s majority said after voting in a closed-door executive session for its release.

Hunter, 54, claimed he was “high or drunk” when he sent a threatening text message to the wrong Chinese business associate — but phone records of the WhatsApp message show the associate, Raymond Zhao, responded and “knew exactly” what the president’s son was talking about when he asked to speak with the chairman of CEFC China Energy, Ye Jianming. 

“Sure. I need some time to reach him,” Zhao, a translator for CEFC, wrote back in messages over the next day. “CEFC is willing to cooperate with the family.”

The first son also kept exchanging messages with Zhao after making the threat that he was “sitting” with his father, Joe Biden, and said they would both “hold a grudge” if the CEFC translator reneged on a “commitment.”

Ziegler also provided documents to the committee showing that Hunter signed off on and was the “beneficial owner” of a Rosemont Seneca Bohai bank account — despite his testimony that it was not “under my control nor affiliated with me” and he “didn’t even know that there was such a thing” as a corporate secretary of an entity.

“I, Robert Hunter Biden, hereby certify that I am the duly elected, qualified and acting Secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC,” reads the signed April 29, 2014, document, which allowed the first son to enter into a contract with Porsche Financial Services.

Hunter also falsely denied that he would help his associates with “any work as it related to visas that they needed” or “pick up the phone and call anybody for a visa.”

In fact, a Feb. 5, 2015, email obtained by Ways and Means show Hunter, his ex-business partner Devon Archer and other associates trying to secure a visa for the founder of the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky. “Hunter is checking with Miguel Aleman to see if he can provide cover to Kola on the visa,” Archer wrote in the email, before adding to Burisma associate Vadym Pozharskyi: “please send Hunter an email with all Kola’s passport and visa documents and evidence and copy me. We’ll take it from there.”

“Hunter Biden has shown once again he believes there are two systems of justice in this country — one for his family, and one for everyone else,” said House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) in a statement. “Not only did Hunter Biden refuse to comply with his initial subpoena until threatened with criminal contempt, but he then came before Congress and lied.”

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds.


Hunter Claims He Never Introduced Dad to Burisma Exec, Despite Them All Having Dinner Together

On May 20, the New York Post reported: 

Indicted first son Hunter Biden suggested in a new interview that he didn’t introduce his father to an executive from a Ukrainian gas company that was paying Hunter a million-dollar salary — despite testifying to Congress that then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with the very same Burisma Holdings executive.

The 54-year-old brazenly backpedaled days after a fresh report that “sugar brother” Kevin Morris, who has bankrolled Hunter since meeting him at a presidential campaign fundraiser in late 2019, is “completely tapped out” after giving or loaning the scandal-plagued Biden at least $4.9 million.

President Biden’s son told The Daily Beast that lewd photos from his abandoned laptop, which also contained documents linking his dad to foreign business relationships, show “someone in the throes of addiction” and have been used to bolster the case that his business dealings were improper.

“You know, ‘Here’s this degenerate. And we can show you in vivid detail the level of his degeneracy. And here’s him smoking a crack pipe. And here’s him naked in a bathtub… Oh, and by the way, here’s an email from Vadym [Pozharskyi] thanking him for introducing him to his dad,’” Hunter told the outlet. “Now, none of the second part is true. But they’ve made it a hell of a lot easier for people to believe.” 

Hunter indicated he did not introduce the Burisma board adviser to his father despite testifying on Feb. 28 that then-VP Biden attended a pair of dinners at DC’s Cafe Milano restaurant in 2014 and 2015 — one of which included Pozharskyi, whose company hired Hunter in early 2014 as his dad assumed control of the Obama administration’s policy toward Ukraine. “I do believe that Vadym was at one of these dinners, yes,” Hunter told Congress, backing The Post’s initial October 2020 reporting on documents from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

The Post’s scoop was initially censored by Facebook and Twitter as the Biden campaign gave the impression it was denying the reporting, which described a thank-you email from Pozharskyi one day after the April 16, 2015, meal at Cafe Milano.

Emails show Hunter planned for the dinner, which included other foreign patrons, to be “ostensibly” about his role on the board of the World Food Program USA charity.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds.


Fund Manager Claims Jim Biden Had Business Relationship with Qatari Officials, Would Be Closest Link Between a Biden Family Member and Foreign Government

On April 28, Politico reported: 

New details about Jim Biden’s foreign fundraising efforts are spilling out in a Kentucky bankruptcy court, where recent testimony indicates that President Joe Biden’s brother partnered with Qatari government officials in his quest to find money for U.S. health care ventures.

The sworn testimony by fund manager Michael Lewitt, a former business partner of Jim Biden’s, attests that two companies that facilitated the efforts were part-owned by “members of the Qatari government.”

One company named in the testimony partnered directly with Jim Biden in the multi-year fundraising efforts. The second company provided financial backing for a series of loans that a hospital chain paid Jim Biden to arrange, according to documents and testimony Lewitt submitted in the course of the federal bankruptcy proceedings.

If substantiated, the alleged arrangements would constitute some of the closest known financial links between a relative of President Joe Biden and a foreign government.

The alleged arrangements stem from an effort by Jim Biden to raise money from Qatari sources for ventures in the U.S. beginning in the months after his older brother left the vice presidency. At the time, the tiny, gas-rich nation faced a financial blockade from its neighbors and was spending lavishly to shore up its political standing in the West.

Public records and emails obtained by POLITICO offer a window on fundraising efforts in which Jim Biden invoked his ties to older brother and sought workarounds to restrictions on international money movements. Transactions related to the efforts are also at the heart of a recently-settled fraud case brought by the SEC and are being scrutinized as part of a federal criminal investigation in South Florida.

Much about the efforts remains unknown, and the White House, the Qatari Embassy, and a representative for Jim Biden all did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds.


CIA Blocked Hunter’s “Sugar Brother” Attorney Friend From Being Interviewed by Feds



On March 21, the New York Post reported:

The CIA blocked federal investigators from interviewing Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother” Kevin Morris during a five-year probe into the first son’s alleged tax crimes, a whistleblower has told House impeachment leaders.

House Oversight and Judiciary Committee chairmen say the whistleblower informed them the intelligence agency stopped IRS and Justice Department investigators from interviewing Morris in August 2021, a Hollywood lawyer and patron of the first son, according to a Thursday letter addressed to CIA Director William Burns.

The whistleblower informed Oversight chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and Judiciary chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) that two DOJ officials were summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. — and told Morris “could not be a witness” for their investigation into Hunter Biden.

“It is unknown why or on what basis the CIA allegedly intervened to prevent investigators from interviewing Mr. Morris,” Comer and Jordan wrote in the letter, which was obtained by The  Post. “However, these allegations track with other evidence showing how the DOJ deviated from its standard investigative practices during the investigation of Hunter Biden.”

The Republican lawmakers added that the account “seems to corroborate our concerns about DOJ’s deviations from standard process to provide Hunter Biden with preferential treatment,” which have been unearthed as evidence during their impeachment inquiry into his father, President Biden.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning show coverage: 0 seconds.