Nets Spend 658 Minutes on Trump, 0 Seconds on Biden Family Corruption

April 6th, 2023 9:48 AM

The Big Three (ABC, NBC, CBS) networks are trying to play magician again, hoping their audiences stay so focused on former President Donald Trump that they don’t notice how they’ve used a sleight of hand trick to completely hide the Biden family corruption stories. 

Despite the House Oversight Committee digging up new dirt on President Joe Biden and his clan, the broadcast networks continue to censor revelations that Hunter, the President’s brother Jim and Hallie Biden (widow of son Beau) received payments from a Chinese energy firm. Most recently they whistled past more incriminating news on Biden’s improper handling of classified documents. 

However, they remain obsessed with covering the various investigations (Stormy Daniels, Mar-a-Lago documents, January 6th) surrounding former President Donald Trump. 

Beginning with the House Oversight Committee’s breaking of the Biden family receiving payments from payments through the day after Trump’s arrest in New York, MRC analysts tracked the glaring double standard. 

Over 20 days (March 16-April 5) ABC, NBC, CBS filled their evening, morning and Sunday roundtable shows with over 658 minutes (10 hours, 58 minutes, 17 seconds) of Trump investigation coverage compared to ZERO seconds spent on Biden family corruption stories. On average, network audiences saw almost 33 minutes per day of Trump investigation stories. 

NBC devoted the most amount of coverage to the Trump investigations (4 hours, 40 seconds), followed by ABC (3 hours, 40 minutes, 8 seconds) and then CBS (3 hours, 17 minutes, 29 seconds).



It’s striking how the networks have completely disappeared any mention of the most recent Biden family scandals while at the same time obsessively reporting on the Trump investigations. The contrast is truly stunning.