Top 12: Kicking Him When He’s Down, Media Mock Trump Getting COVID

October 5th, 2020 1:26 PM

When President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID on Friday, some in the media could hardly contain their glee as they kicked Trump when he was literally down. 

As Trump recuperated over the weekend, network and cable journalists mocked the “humiliation” of Trump, whose “homicidal negligence” and “flirting” with the virus had brought about the “collapse” of the Republic.

The following is a montage by the MRC's Bill D'Agostino and a full Top 12 countdown of the gross gloating by liberal journalists of Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis: 



12. Reckless, Negligent and Ignorant Trump 

“Recklessness, negligence, ignorance? Regardless, it doesn’t change where we are right now, with more than 208,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, and the President of the United States now infected.”

— Host Ana Cabrera on CNN Newsroom, October 3.  


11. Trump’s White House Can’t Be Trusted 

“We are now seeing the results, Wolf, of five years from the President’s candidacy throughout his time in the White House of his falsehoods and his lies coming back to bite him in the sense that it is very hard to believe word for word everything that the White House is saying about the President’s condition.”

— Reporter Jeremy Diamond on CNN’s The Situation Room, October 2. 


10. On Good Morning America: Time to Score Points Against Trump



“All of this comes at a time when the President has faced repeated questions about whether he and the White House have been doing enough to protect against the virus, and now, just how truthful he has been about the seriousness of this pandemic.”...

— Co-host Cecila Vega on ABC’s Good Morning America, October 2.  

“The White House has taken precious few precautions to avoid the virus, the President and his top advisers are almost never seen wearing masks….Beyond his health, the President’s diagnosis is a crushing blow to his effort to convince Americans that the worst of the pandemic is behind them.”

— ABC News White House chief correspondent Jon Karl on ABC’s Good Morning America, October 2. 

“He has been out there arguing that the country’s rounding the corner, as he says, on this pandemic and that he can tackle this crisis. The fact that he now has a positive result completely undercuts his message on the virus.”

—  Correspondent Mary Bruce on ABC’s Good Morning America, October 2.  

“The President is learning in the worst possible way you can’t argue your way out of this pandemic. The President’s positive test comes after months of a dangerous gamble – downplaying COVID-19, flouting public health regulations, and minimizing the dangers of the virus.”

—  Correspondent Tom Llamas on ABC’s Good Morning America, October 2.  


9. President Didn’t Take Pandemic “Seriously”



HuffPost White House Correspondent S.V. Date: “Had the President treated this pandemic the way, for example, Angela Merkel did in Germany, we could have as few as 40,000 deaths right now had we taken this seriously. We didn’t take it seriously largely because the President of the United States didn’t take it seriously.”... 

Washington Post assistant editor David Swerdlick: “I think everybody is going to have to look to the administration….if they’re ever going to take the pandemic more seriously….President Trump is the President until at least January 20th at noon and every day people’s lives are in the balance.”

—  CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, October 2.  


8. Trump Was “Flirting” with Corona 



Co-host Anthony Mason: “The President seemed to be flirting with the coronavirus by not wearing a mask and going to big rallies.”...

Senior political analyst John Dickerson: “The President has downplayed the virus, he’s mocked mask wearing as recently as in the debate. And yet, the pandemic is relentless and does not care where it goes….it keeps that issue right at the center of the campaign, and the President’s response to it, which is not something that he wants at the center of the campaign because the polls have consistently shown that the country is disappointed with his handling of the issue.”

CBS This Morning, October 2. 


7. “Real Man” Joe Biden Shows Trump How It’s Done



“What a class act Joe Biden was today, refusing to politicize what had happened. Just think back in 2016, Don, when Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, stumbled after a fundraiser in New York and felt faint and went into the back of a limo. Donald Trump would mock that she was feeling faint and sick, that she was a weak character, I mean, just ridiculed her one or two days of illness to nobody’s end. And here you see Joe Biden showing you what a real man does what a real human being does.” 

— CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley on CNN Tonight, October 2.  


6. Comparing Trump Sickness with Final Days of Stalin 



Host Brian Stelter: “What do you see happening in America right now with a country unable to know what to believe about the President’s health?”...

New Yorker staff writer Masha Gessen: “There have been a lot of comparisons to the Soviet Union in the last couple of days. I think they are not unwarranted. The particular period I am thinking about is something I have written about a lot, which were the days of Stalin’s deathwatch, right? When the foreign correspondents and the domestic correspondents, such as they were, all knew what was going on. Nobody was giving them any information. Everybody was expecting the final call, right? And the planet filled with rumor.”

—  CNN’s Reliable Sources, October 4.


5. Trump Bringing About “Collapse of a Democratic Republic” 

“What we have now is a prima facie evidence of a person who became president by gaslighting the public, hiding his own failures, his lack of capacity and ability, and now finds himself in Walter Reed hospital with a virus that he essentially convinced a good portion of the country was not a threat to their lives. This is the collapse of a democratic republic because of its leadership and its honesty.”

—  Former Fox News and current reporter Carl Cameron on CNN’s Reliable Sources, October 4. 


4. Bernstein Invokes Russia, Calls This “A National Security Crisis” Like Never Before 

Host Don Lemon: “In large part, it’s his own dereliction is partly to blame to this. He chose to go out to rallies. He chose to downplay masks. He chose to not social distance and and call it a hoax…It’s horrible that the President has this, but he chose to handle the situation this way.…Was this inevitable?”

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein: “I wouldn’t say it’s inevitable, but I would say it is his recklessness [that] has contributed to this horrible situation.…We are now in the midst of a national security crisis that is different than any one in our history in this country. We have to be concerned about adversaries, particular —  particularly Russia.”

— CNN’s live coverage of Trump being diagnosed for COVID-19, October 2. 


3. The “Humiliation” of Trump



“It has to be a humiliation for this President who’s been making masks that Joe Biden wears, almost mocking the mask wearing public and here he is hobbling to the hospital on Marine One having to wear a mask. And in many ways, you know, it will be part of the narrative, this sort of grand medical humiliation he has had.”

— CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley on CNN’s The Situation Room, October 2.  


2. Trump Guilty of “Homicidal Negligence” 



“His response has been homicidal negligence. He has failed to protect the American people and rather to put his own interest of re-election and holding on to the office of the presidency in front of the health and well-being of the American people. And what we are seeing in this last week is the same thing, this willingness, this negligence, even as he himself has become stricken with this horrible disease, his interest in front of the country’s, for purposes of his election.”

— CNN political analyst and former Washington Post editor Carl Bernstein on CNN Newsroom, October 3.  


1. No Sympathy for “Drunk Driver” Trump 



“I look at this as a drunk driver who injured himself in a wreck, and killed the oncoming sober driver. Donald Trump has injured himself, and injured, and 200,000 people, other drivers, have died due to the coronavirus. So I don’t have sympathy for Donald Trump. He put himself in the situation.”

— MSNBC political analyst Rick Tyler on MSNBC’s Politics Nation, October 3.