The Media’s Ugliest Attacks On Gun Rights Supporters



Mothers and Fathers “Burying Children” Because of Trump and NRA

The Daily Beast/CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah: “What matters to me is that after the Las Vegas shooting where 59 people died. After the shooting at a Texas church where people were there to pray and they were murdered Donald Trump had the same reaction, in terms of policy. Nothing! He did nothing. I’m not gonna say blood is on his hands but I can tell you there are mothers and fathers – ” 
CNN contributor Ben Ferguson: “You just said it by saying you’re not going to say it.”
Obeidallah: “There are mothers and fathers right now burying their children because Donald Trump did nothing because the NRA spent $31 million to help him win, and the Republican party has been complicit in this.”
CNN Newsroom, February 18. 

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