CBS Replaces One Liberal Comic (Letterman) with Another (Colbert)

Today CBS officially announced that Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman when he leaves the Late Show hosting chair in 2015. The move guarantees that Letterman’s legacy of bashing conservatives and Republicans on late night will continue, as the host of The Colbert Report has routinely trashed those on the right side of the political spectrum.

From calling Sarah Palin “a f**king retard” to joking the Taliban had a “better track record on women’s issues” than Rush Limbaugh Colbert has used his perch as a faux conservative talk show host to ridicule conservatives and their causes. In the process his clips were played and celebrated by his fans in the liberal news media the next day. [Videos after the jump]

The following is just a small sample of Colbert’s vicious attacks on GOPer’s and conservatives over the years:

Colbert Calls Sarah Palin a F**king Retard



After playing a clip of Sarah Palin telling Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Rush Limbaugh’s use of the word was acceptable because it was satire, Stephen Colbert, on his February 8, 2010 show concluded, “It is okay to call someone a retard if like Rush you clearly don’t mean it...And Sarah Palin knows that it is okay to call someone a retard if like Rush you clearly don’t mean it. Which is why we should all come to her defense and say, ‘Sarah Palin is a f**king retard.’ Get it.”


Colbert to NRA’s LaPierre: ‘You Sir Are F--ked In the Head’


After playing a clip of the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre calling for more armed security in the nation’s schools, in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, Colbert pronounced on his January 9, 2013 show: “You, sir, are f—ked [bleeped] in the head.”


Colbert: Taliban Has a Better Record With Women Than Rush Limbaugh

On his March 15, 2012 show Colbert joked that the Taliban had “a better track record on women’s issues” than Rush Limbaugh.


NBC’s ‘Today’ Touts Colbert Spoof Calling Mitt Romney a Serial Killer 


On the January 16, 2012 edition of NBC’s Today show the cast played a clip of a mock political ad by Colbert that likened Mitt Romney to a serial killer. NBC’s Natalie Morales cheered: “I love Colbert!” Al Roker called him “a great American.”  


Comedy Central’s Colbert Mocks Obama Scandals, Likens Them To Game Show


On the May 20, 2013 edition of The Colbert Report, the host created an “Obama Scandal Booth” to mock the Benghazi, IRS, AP and now Fox News scandals surrounding the Obama administration. Colbert proceeded to enter the booth and, “like my colleagues, grasp wildly at any accusation.” 

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