Reporter Covering Romney: '40 Percent Chance He Says Something Stupid'

Former Newsweek reporter McKay Coppins was caught on a hot mic trashing Mitt Romney at a live event on Tuesday. Moments before Romney's appearance Coppins, who currently works for BuzzFeed, predicted there was "a 40 percent chance that he says something stupid." At first it wasn't known who made the remark, reported by Huffington Post's Jon Ward, but Coppins actually came forward, on his Twitter account, to admit he was the one who made the liberal bias-revealing "snide comment." 

The following are the relevant tweets from Ward and then Coppins. (Audio clip of Coppins' hot mic moment after the jump)


Reporters overheard on politico live stream speculating before Romney event that there is "a 40% chance that he says something stupid."


Looks like my snide comment, caught on livestream, was wrong: Romney got the tone just right at this event in Dayton.


Coppins' comment comes in at about the 1:42 mark.

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