MSNBC Promo for Chris Matthews Special Gives Bill Clinton the Superhero Treatment

February 2nd, 2011 4:34 PM

With a script and a dramatic voice over befitting a trailer for the latest superhero movie out of Hollywood, one of the first promos for Chris Matthews' documentary on Bill Clinton has begun airing on MSNBC. The ad begins with an announcer teasing viewers, "His presidency was over, his mission just beginning" and then goes on to tell the story of a post-presidential Clinton achieving universal adulation complete with shots of adoring crowds and accolades from the likes of Tony Blair and of course Matthews, who shrieks like a fan boy: "You're like a one man Peace Corps!"

Even the Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey shows up, narrating a scene he was once witness to: "And they were yelling 'Peacemaker! Peacemaker!'"

(video, audio and transcript after the break)

(MP3 audio)

The following is a full transcript of the promotion for A Hardball Documentary with Chris Matthews: The President of the World, that was aired during MSNBC's February 2 afternoon programming:

ANNOUNCER: His presidency was over, his mission just beginning.

BILL CLINTON: I left the White House but I'm still here.

ANNOUNCER: Chris Matthews-

CHRIS MATTHEWS TO CLINTON: You're like a one man Peace Corps.

ANNOUNCER: -with exclusive behind-the-scenes access-

CLINTON: The American people are having a tough time.

ANNOUNCER: -to former President Bill Clinton.

FORMER PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR: I think he's the single most competent politician I've ever met.

ACTOR KEVIN SPACEY: And they were yelling, "Peacemaker! Peacemaker!"

CLINTON: It's what makes me happy.

MATTHEWS: A Hardball Documentary with Chris Matthews: The President of the World. February 21st at 10 on MSNBC.

—Geoffrey Dickens is the Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here