Perez Hilton to Ann Coulter: 'Bite Me!'

Appearing in the timeslot of the fourth hour of Tuesday's "Today" show that Ann Coulter was originally booked to appear on, celebrity blogger/author Perez Hilton addressed the Coulter bumping controversy directly, as he challenged the conservative author: "Ann Coulter, if you’re watching, bite me!"

"Today" co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb then acknowledged that Coulter was, in fact, scheduled to promote her book at that time but may be invited back on Wednesday's show. Gifford expressed disappointment that Coulter and Hilton weren't on together, saying it would have been "good television," which prompted Hilton to respond: "She's not very friendly with the gays...but that's okay I'm friendly with everyone." However Hilton then went on to brag, "I'll talk trash about her, to her face...I'm not a fan of anyone trying to deny me my rights."

The following exchange aired during the fourth hour of the January 6, "Today" show:

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: He calls himself, "The Queen of All Media."

HODA KOTB: The Queen!

GIFFORD: His Web site is the largest and most popular celebrity blog and his brash attitude has secured him a reputation as the most hated man in Hollywood.

KOTB: Hey!

GIFFORD: I don’t know, are you? We’ll find out.

KOTB: Well it’s no wonder. Now he blogs about personal secrets of the Hollywood stars. He talks about their lifestyles. He goes as far as actively outing gay celebrities. And now he’s got a new book out. It is sending shudders down the spines of many. It is called Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide On Keeping Up With the Hiltons. Hello Perez Hilton!

GIFFORD: Hello and welcome.

PEREZ HILTON: Thank you for having me. And I have to address the elephant in the room.

KOTB: Give it.

HILTON: Ann Coulter, if you’re watching, bite me!


KOTB: Okay.

GIFFORD: Really nice.

KOTB: Okay.

HILTON: I could have said something else but I didn’t.

GIFFORD: You cleaned it up for our show.

HILTON: I did.

GIFFORD: And this is the fourth hour of the "Today" show, alright?

KOTB: You’re allowed to let loose just a little bit.


KOTB: That’s part of the deal.

GIFFORD: You know Ann, Ann was, was booked on our show today for the 10am, the, the eight o’clock hour-

KOTB: And the 10-

GIFFORD: -and the 10 o’clock hour.

KOTB: And she may be here tomorrow. We don’t know for sure.

GIFFORD: Yes, she’s-

KOTB: But now, probably not. And thank you Perez.

HILTON: You don’t need her.

GIFFORD: We were disappointed we thought it would be awesome to have the two of you in the same hour. It would have been-

KOTB: How? Would that have been crazy?

GIFFORD: It would have been, as they say, good television.

HILTON: She’s not very friendly with the gays.

KOTB: She doesn’t like the gays?



HILTON: But that’s okay I’m friendly with everyone.

KOTB: You are, and first of all let’s talk about your romance.


HILTON: I’ll talk trash about her, to her face.

GIFFORD: Yeah. Well what was, what would you say to her face, about the gays? If you had the opportunity?

HILTON: Uh, I’d say, you know, I’m not a fan of anyone trying to deny me my rights.

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