Cher Endorses Obama, Bashes Bush on 'Today'

NBC's "Today" show, on Thursday, aired an "Access Hollywood," clip of Cher wearing a "Barack the Vote," t-shirt as she actually bashed George W. Bush, to his first cousin's face. The President's first cousin, and "Access Hollywood," host Billy Bush conducted the interview in which Cher declared: "I've been alive for 11 presidents and I feel that this is the worst time I've ever seen," and called the current President, "The Big Divider." Cher also claimed the only way she would be seen at a Sarah Palin rally would be "in my nightmares."

The following exchange was aired on the October 30, "Today" show:

MATT LAUER: She is 62 and still going strong. Cher. But when she cancelled her Las Vegas show a little earlier this month a lot of people started speculating about her health.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: Now Cher is gonna put those rumors to rest and she also talks politics with "Access Hollywood's" Billy Bush.

BILLY BUSH: If you don't open that right side of the jacket it just says, "Rack The Vote."

CHER: Okay but now you can see what it says.

BUSH: Yes "Barack, Barack The Vote."

CHER: Yes.

BUSH: So not off to the Palin rally?

CHER: Oh no. No, that would, I would, that would only be in my nightmares.

BARACK OBAMA: And you and I together we are gonna change the country and change the world.

CHER: You know he's by far the best candidate. And, and the Republicans. I don't know I'm an independent but I just don't think I could ever vote for a Republican. I guess maybe it would depend on the person but I just think our views are diametrically opposed. I was telling someone, I've been alive for 11 presidents and I feel that this is the worst time I've ever seen. You know? And the, and the country is so divided. And it's still gonna be divided but I honestly think there are some people that are healing people and there are some people like this President we have right now, that are just, you know he says, he's the Big Decider, but I think he's the Big Divider.

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