Chris Matthews Compares Hillary Clinton to Margaret Thatcher

After playing a clip of Hillary Clinton slamming George W. Bush as "pathetic", during the Democratic debate in Nevada, Chris Matthews compared Clinton to former British Prime Minister and Cold War hero Margaret Thatcher as he exclaimed of the former First Lady's attack on the President: "It just struck me as very Thatcher-ite!"

The following exchange occurred between Matthews and fellow MSNBC host Tucker Carlson on the January 16, "Hardball":

[CLIP OF HILLARY CLINTON: You know President Bush is over in the Gulf now begging the Saudis and others to drop the price of oil. How pathetic!]

CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know "pathetic," that's a tough word. That reminded me, Tucker, of remember Margaret Thatcher saying to Bush Sr. "Don't go wobbly?"

TUCKER CARLSON: "Don't go wobbly." That's exactly right.

MATTHEWS: Pathetic? It just struck me as very Thatcher-ite right there.

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