Ann Curry Cites Climate Change as Cause of Tween Stress

It's bad enough that NBC News is spending hours of coverage devoted, strictly to the global warming cause but now they're even squeezing their green indoctrination into stories on tween stress. On Wednesday's "Today" show Ann curry highlighted some of the reasons kids today are more stressed than ever and cited "climate change" as one of them.

The following occurred in the 9am half-hour of the October 17, "Today" show:

Ann Curry: " Feeling a little stressed out these days? Well you're not the only one. A new report out says that today's tweens, that's children between the ages of 7 and 11, may be feeling more stress than ever. It may not be a surprise when you consider some of the reasons why. From the senseless violence in the news-"

Unidentified boy: "Sometimes stuff happens around school and stuff and people start stuff."

Curry: "-the effects of climate change-"

Unidentified boy#2: "It's killing all the animals and melting all the icebergs."

Curry: "-to all those tests in school."

Girl: "I worry about, like math and social studies because last time I almost flunked my social studies test."

Curry: "-kids are stressed out."

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