Katie Couric Exclaims She's A Purple Stater!

During the 9:00am hour of the Today show Katie Couric tried to play herself off as a middle-of-the roader. Today invited Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake to promote their new book, What Women Really Want, which included a premise that women agree on 80 percent of the issues. Couric used that as an opportunity to essentially yell, "Me too! I'm everywoman!"

Couric to Conway and Lake: "You know we were talking earlier and basically what you were saying is that women in this country are a much more cohesive unit than you might think hearing all the jazz about red states versus blue states. You say something that I've actually said in the past, we're really all purple..."

No, Katie you're all blue, stop trying to hide it.