An Open Letter To America's Troops

If one were to rely exclusively on the left-leaning media as a source
for information on the war, one would be led to believe that you folks
in our armed forces are getting your backsides kicked all over the
Middle East these days, and what's more, the humiliating defeats you're
suffering are coming at the hands of "insurgents", "militants", or
"rebel fighters".

Thankfully, most U.S. citizens are no longer dependent upon
propagandists at the Abu Ghraib Daily (aka the New York Times), or
Al-Jazeera-West (aka CBS) for their news. Indeed, Americans like myself
understand that the vast majority of butts getting kicked in Iraq and
Afghanistan are attached to fascist parasites who think that Allah
hands out rewards for the cowardly slaughter of children.

We also continue to refer to the sons o' bitches you're fighting as
TERRORISTS, even though using such judgmental terms as that is
inexcusable in the eyes of the "enlightened" press.

Then again, screw the enlightened press!

How so many people within the journalistic community could be so
absolutely FUBAR during a time of war is beyond my ability to
comprehend, yet I can tell you as a matter of fact that they are. I can
also tell you that I spend a great deal of time hunting down stories
for publication on my own news and commentary website (the Daley
Times-Post) which the "mainstream" media routinely chooses to ignore.

In fact, rarely a day goes by that I don't find some inspiring story
about you brave men and women fighting in the Middle East to post on my
humble blog. For instance, just a few days ago I read that combat
soldiers are re-enlisting in unexpectedly high numbers, which is
something that I'm sure Dan Rather was shocked to discover. That fact
didn't surprise me though, because over the past year or so I've seen
or read many interviews with seriously injured American troops, and
practically all of them have expressed a strong desire to return to
their units, even though they've lost arms, legs, eyes, and just about
every other body part you can name.

Apparently, and I know this will come as a huge surprise to people like
Hanoi Jane Fonda and Cindy (I'd rather camp out in a ditch than honor
my son's memory) Sheehan, even soldiers who now need wheelchairs to get
around are determined to continue serving their country, and to those
incredible individuals I can only say GOD BLESS YOUR SOULS!

I'm guessing that the Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin (before he
dicks you) and his ilk would like us all to believe that heroes like
Corporal Michael Oreskovic, who, after getting his left arm blown off
in combat said he would return to duty if he was allowed to, are the
exception and not the rule. Of course, these are the same weasels who
loudly proclaim that U.S. soldiers are no better than Nazis, and then
act insulted when people like myself call them TRAITORS for their
outrageous and unforgivable remarks.

I don't know about anyone else, but I suspect that Mike Oreskovic
speaks for a whole lot of American troops when he says that serving his
country is all he ever wanted to do. When I was younger, and less
decrepit than I am today, I wanted nothing more than to join the Air
Force like my father before me, but I was denied that privilege due to
a birth defect called scoliosis... otherwise known as a crooked back. I
was raised on military bases, however, and I've met and lived with all
kinds of soldiers over the course of my life, so I know the mindset,
even though I was not allowed to fulfill my dream of donning the
uniform that my dad so proudly wore.

I am also inclined to believe that what motivated most of Corporal
Oreskovic's fellow soldiers to join the armed forces isn't all that
different from what motivated him. As he once related in an interview I
viewed on C-SPAN some months ago, "what really set me off... that
convinced me to go in the military was seeing American soldiers dragged
through the streets of Somalia. Ya know... that was the turning point
in my life. It was like, ok, get your ass in gear. You're gonna join
the army. You're gonna make sure that doesn't happen to anybody ever
again. And it was wrong to leave after that! Could you image if that
happened today? If they drug a few sergeants through the street - you
know, pretty much naked - in the middle of Baghdad, and George Bush
said hey, get all your stuff, we're going home? Ya know, there'd be
outrage in the country, and we'd look like - pretty much - like wussies
to the rest of the world. No one would ever take us seriously."

Of course, the anti-war left in this country, and around the world,
want nothing more than to see our military suffer another humiliating
defeat, just like the one we witnessed in Mogadishu in 1993. The truly
demented thing is that they actually believe they're doing you, the
American soldier, a favor by pulling you out of Iraq or Afghanistan,
even though doing so would negate everything you've fought so hard to
achieve thus far. What they just can't seem to grasp is that most
people who volunteer to serve our country in the armed forces are
willing to risk their lives for something they believe in.

But then, words like honor and duty, while they are truly important to
individuals like yourselves, have no real meaning to the screeching
hoards of brainsick terrorist appeasers out there, who complain about
the growing number of American war casualties in one breath, and then
encourage our enemies to increase that number with references to a
Vietnam-like "quagmire" in the next.

They'll swear up and down that trying to put an end to the war is
really a patriotic undertaking, but do any of them ever ask you, the
people who are actually doing the fighting, what you think about the
war... or anything else? I submit to you that the answer to that
question is no! The fact is that they don't give a crap what you think.
Most of them believe that you must have been brainwashed into signing
up in the first place, since, in their opinion, no clear thinking
person would willingly fight on behalf of the imperialist United States
of America.

People like the members of have managed to delude themselves
into believing that they're "saving you from yourselves" by undermining
your mission, just as good left-wing parents might seek to spare their
children the horrors of a Christian upbringing by force-feeding them
the rhetoric of Karl Marx in Kindergarten. To these sad sacks, the ends
justify the means, regardless of how much damage is done to their
nation in the process.

But despite the objectionable antics of yammering nitwits like Michael
Moore, who get an inordinate amount of press coverage every time they
invent a new reason to object to the war effort, all is not lost! For
you see, just like the enemy you now face overseas, the lunatic left
here at home are no match for those of us who know the difference
between right and wrong; between good and evil.

Make no mistake about it my friends, and herald champions of freedom,
while you face down the contemptuous enemies of liberty and human
decency in places with names like Shar-e-Safa and Karabilah, those of
us who truly love and respect you here at home are pounding the snot
(figuratively speaking) out of every damned Chamberlainesque naysayer
we can find in places with names like San Francisco and Washington DC.

And no matter how many weasels in the popular press think it's ok to
refer to the war as "Bush's Vietnam", this time around, we, the members
of the VAST right-wing conspiracy, will not tolerate leaving any of our
soldiers twisting in the wind, while some pathetic Kerry-come-lately
spits on them and everything America stands for. Frankly, I don't give
a damn what most "journalists" have to say, or how many anti-war polls
a bunch of pompous ignoramuses in tailored suits try to shove down our
throats via television news broadcasts. We are going to win this fight
against the surrender-monkeys in our midst, just as you are going to be
victorious over the soulless barbarians you now face.

In the words of General George S. Patton, "Nobody ever defended
anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some

That statement rings as true to me as I'm sure it does to you fine
people on the front lines. Retreat is never an option... not for REAL
Americans! In my opinion, it is the duty of every individual in this
country to either get with the anti-terror program, or get the hell out
of the way, and may God have mercy on the man who tries to deny you
brave soldiers your well-earned right to achieve absolute victory,
because he'll get none from me.

Oh, and one last thing...

All of you who wear the uniform of one of our nation's military
branches, and defend freedom around the world, are my personal heroes.
Each one of you has done more for our country than most other
Americans, myself included, ever will, and I pray for your safe return
home from those far-away fields of battle upon which you now stand. May
God watch over you and keep you safe, and may He continue to bless the
United States of America.

By Edward L. Daley
Owner of the Daley Times-Post