Michael Moore on Bin Laden Death: We're Done Here, Right?

If you had to guess what narcissistic Hollywood leftists would say in the immediate aftermath of Osama Bin Laden's death, what would it be? Would you think about the "mother lode" of intelligence that was to be had from taking down the world's most wanted terrorist? Would you think of all the terrorist plots that have been thwarted since 9/11? Would you think of the national catharsis that would occur for every single person who remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when the Towers were hit?

Of course not. Because the first thing that happens when you think the world revolves you is to start applying similar logic elsewhere. Exhibit A: Michael Moore (or was that Exhibit XXL?) Regardless, in less time than it takes a man to scarf down a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Michael Moore was demonstrating just how clueless the hard left is when it comes to world-wide terrorism:

Now that bin Laden's dead, can we put shampoo in our carry on? Can I keep my shoes on? Can we bring all the troops home?

Radical Islam does not begin and end with one man. In fact, it begins and ends with millions of men. Terrorist organizations like al Qaeda are like long, never-ending sodium bicarbonate black snake fireworks kids use on the 4th of July. Chop off the head (minus the religious fanaticism and the Allah Akbars) and it just keeps growing and twisting and leaving its black ash all over the surroundings.

No, Michael Moore, you can not keep your shoes on because guys like Richard Reid use them to try and detonate planes over the Atlantic. And no, Michael Moore, you can not bring your shampoo on board because guys like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab are looking to find creative ways to bring down jetliners on Christmas day (or burn their genitals off trying). And no, Michael Moore, we can not bring the troops home, because we face an enemy that will even employ child bombers while guys like you want to play Patty Caliphate.

Being as May is Protect America Month, someone should sit down with Michael Moore and explain to him that with Bin Laden gone, Ayman al-Zawahiri probably assumes command . And after him there will be another wannabe Captain Jihad. Just as liberals fail to understand that there will always be a bottom 20% of wage earners, they fail to understand that there will always be a top tier to world-wide terrorist networks.

But Michael Moore is not alone. He should take comfort, in that great minds like Snoop Dogg are on the same wavelength. “Bring the soldiers bac home asap! They r missed! We love how they fight for us now let's fight for them!!” the rapper tweeted Monday. Because nothing says you love the troops like quixotic public policy proposals setting the stage for large-scale civilian death.

I will agree with Snoop on one thing. Murder was the case they gave...Osama Bin Laden. Guilty as charged. I heard the bottom of the ocean is lovely this time of year.

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