AOL: "A Rough Week For Republicans" Despite Roberts' Easy Confirmation

September 29th, 2005 7:33 PM

Despite John Roberts being confirmed today by a very strong 78-22 margin to be our nation's new Supreme Court Chief Justice, America Online (AOL) is blaring across its home page, "A Rough Week for Republicans." Here is the screen shot of AOL's home page from 3:31 pm PDT today (Thursday, September 30, 2005). According to AOL, the troubles of Senators Frist and DeLay are enough to signal a "rough week" for the Republican Party.

AOL also solicits viewers to vote in a poll asking, "Which Party Is Stronger Now?" Ugh.

Let's see: An overwhelming Supreme Court confirmation and very good news today about the nation's economy. Yeah, a really "rough week" ... (roll eyes). Nice try, AOL.