No apology or retraction from Media Matters after "false and defamatory attack"

August 22nd, 2005 11:14 PM

        There has been no apology or retraction from the left-wing Media Matters (MMFA) after it was apparently caught red-handed (see original item) for falsely implying that Cliff Kincaid, from Accuracy in Media (AIM) and America's Survival, fabricated a letter from an Afghan ambassador. The day after the August 19, 2005, MMFA item, Kincaid posted scanned images (.pdf) on his site of the actual letter and the actual envelope in which the letter was received. It was an action that flat-out debunked Media Matters' implication. Kincaid also issued a public statement denouncing Media Matters for the "false and defamatory charge."

        "It was a real letter sent in a real envelope," wrote Kincaid. "A simple call could have resulted in obtaining a copy of the original letter, showing that it is completely legitimate and genuine ... But Media Matters rushed into print on its web site with this false account in order to attempt to damage Kincaid's reputation."

        Media Matters was flat-out busted. So do they do the honest and reputable thing and say they were wrong? No. Instead, they post a new item claiming that Kincaid "misrepresented the original Media Matters item."

         Ugh. It doesn't get any more shameful than this, folks.