Third World Owes U.S. More Than Just Debt of Gratitude

The left is constantly arguing for so-called “fair trade” to make up for previous unfair financial practices. “We need economic justice,” they scream.

I agree. It’s time for those greedy ingrates to pay their fair share.

I mean the third world of course. For too long the United States has carried the third world on its back, providing jobs, emergency aid and never-ending charity. Throw in a world’s worth of technology, countless vaccines, food and military aid and it’s no wonder that the world was even more messed up before 1776. Count the contributions of the rest of the developed world, the third worlders look even greedier.

How do these money grubbers repay us? They want more.

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It’s like an epic game of extortion. Third world nations call us "exploiters." They act like spoiled children demanding more goodies and threaten to hold their breath if the rest of the world doesn’t do as they demand. Lately, those demands have come in the form of increased aid, especially in climate change bills.

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