Libs Find Whale of a Good Reason to Waste Energy

Talk about Catch-22. The two major left-wing causes going head-to-head - global warming and whales. Call it Save the Whales vs. Save Al Gore's Career.

According to the August 14 Washington Post, there's a sea storm brewing over proposed new regulations that would require "ships reduce speed to avoid collisions with the endangered North Atlantic right whale."

Liberals are outraged that the government hasn't instituted the new rules. But the rules won't just cost business $100 million to $150 million a year. Part of that cost is due to "increased fuel consumption."

That's correct. In the left-ward quest to save our right whales, liberals want to burn more fuel. The new rules would actually slow ships down enough that it would take longer to port, cost more money and burn more fuel. All because two whales per year (that's the Post's number, not mine) die in collisions.

As a result, one business owner told regulators it would put them out of business. "I would hate to think we have spent our lives working hard on the water with long hours day after day, generation after generation, to have a speed limit rule be the end of our business," said Leslie M. Davis Sr. who owns a charter fishing service in North Carolina.

I think there's plenty of reason to blubber here, but about the businessmen who lose their livelihoods and the workers who can't pay the bills, not about the ones who didn't get away.

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