Marc Lamont Hill: N.J. Governor 'Too Fat' To Be President

November 9th, 2010 3:47 PM

"Leading hip-hop generation intellectual" and frequent pundit show talking head Marc Lamont Hill -- who's always on the lookout for instances of "intolerance" and "hate," and has never let even non-existent instances of "racism" slip by his view -- says he knows the reason why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won't run for president: He's too fat.

On the Philadelphia Fox affiliate, Dr. Hill said of Christie:

“He can’t win, let’s be honest ... I’m going to say this and don’t get mad – he’s fat. He’s fat for a politician. He doesn’t have the body type to win. There are other issues – look at that!!" (as he looked at a screen image of Christie.)

To emphasize his (supposed) point about "image over substance," Hill exclaimed, “Look at Sarah Palin!”


About two and half years ago, Hill demonstrated his "tolerance" of religious folk when he made fun of  Miley Cyrus, calling her "weird" and saying "she's hurdling towards Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears territory" all because ... "no 15-year-old loves Jesus that much."

It's amazing that Professor Hill doesn't seem to have the sensitivity that he so often demands of others. If he's not constantly attempting to ferret out racism within the Tea Party, he's parroting the usual "Islamophobic U.S." mantra whenever such a controversy arises (like the New York City mosque/cultural center), and defending the hypocrisy of organizations like the NAACP and people like Jeremiah Wright.