Editor’s Pick: National Review on MD Official Claiming Hamas Murdering Babies Is ‘Fake’

November 24th, 2023 8:05 AM

The great Haley Strack at National Review wrote Tuesday that Zainab Chaundry, a member of Maryland’s Commission on Hate Crime Response who was appointed by Attorney General Anthony Brown (D), has claimed that it’s “fake” news to say Hamas murdered Jewish babies during their barbaric terror attacks on October 7.

Not surprisingly, Strack also found that Chaundry’s place of employment is the ultra-radical Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) where she’s the head of its Maryland chapter.

Strack explained some of Chaudry’s takes and how the group she’s a member of has the comical aim of “develop[ing] strategies to prevent and respond to hate crime activist and evaluate state laws:

Commission spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said that the group will “develop policies and protocols governing its work and the way in which its members engage on the issues that define its mission.”

“We understand that there are many viewpoints regarding current events in the Middle East. The Commission will do its best to explore the impact of those events on our community, and to determine how best to address escalations in hate and bias incidents across the state,” Donelan said.


[Chaundry] also accused Israel of teaching Jewish children to “normalize and celebrate Israel’s psychopathic cruelty and barbaric crimes,” claimed that the 40 babies Hamas reportedly slaughtered at the Kfar Aza kibbutz were “fake Israeli babies,” and called the thousands of Americans who attended Washington, D.C.’s March for Israel “genocide sympathizers.”

Along with comparing Israel to Nazi Germany since Germany’s Brandenburg Gate posted Israeli flags in response to the October 7 attack, she characterized that fateful day as an “uprising” by “people who are illegally occupied” by an “evil and violent” Israel.

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