Editor’s Pick: Free Beacon on Soros-Funded Group Backing Pro-Hamas Protest in WA State

November 13th, 2023 10:17 AM

The great Joe Simonson with our friends at the Free Beacon published a hugely important takedown on Monday of the George Soros-funded Tides Center and its direct funding and links to the pro-Hamas Arab Resource and Organizing Center, which has found itself under federal investigation after it “attempted to blockade a U.S. military ship bound for Israel.”

Simonson wrote that, back on November 3, “[t]he Arab Resource and Organizing Center organized a ‘direct action’ protest in the Port of Tacoma in Washington, in an effort to stop the MV Cape Orlando from leaving port to aid the Jewish state.”

Not surprisingly, this protest didn’t fetch any attention on the major broadcast networks (outside of the November 5 ABC’s America This Morning and NBC News Daily), but it was covered by actual journalists, such as NewsNation (see photo).

He added that a federal investigation could bode ill for the Tides Center and its nonprofit tax status given the Arab Resource and Organization’s Center designation as “a ‘fiscal sponsorship’ of the Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) and one of the largest left-wing dark money organizations in the country.”

In turn, he noted, “there is no legal distinction between the Tides Center and the Arab Resource and Organizing Center—employees of the latter are employees of the former.”

“If the government charges the group with a crime, they could have grounds to strip the Tides Center of its nonprofit status,” he revealed.

Even though it’s “unlikely”, Simonson argued the Tides Center is nonetheless “pushing legal limits” as a revoking of their “nonprofit status would leave the organization essentially unable to raise money, a damaging outcome for the progressive movement.”

Simonson later explained that, while “[i]t is unclear which Tides Center donor earmarked donations for the Arab Resource and Organizing Center,” Soros’s far-left, dark money behemoth “Open Society Foundations in 2019 contributed $225,000 to pro-Palestinian initiatives at the Tides Center.”

To read Simonson’s full report, check it out here.