Shut Up, Grandpa! Nets Still Pushing Hamas Death Tolls Despite Biden Telling Them Not to

October 27th, 2023 5:05 PM

On Wednesday afternoon, President Biden didn’t mince words in following the lead from John Kirby of his own of the National Security Council in telling reporters that he has “no confidence in the number[s]” from Hamas and that they’re not “telling the truth.” But despite these marching orders, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, NBC have still been taking the death tallies from Hamas’s so-called Ministry of Health.

Starting with Wednesday night, Ole Joe went 0-for-three as all three networks eagerly channeled Hamas as a reliable source. To see those works of propaganda, go here.

Going to Thursday, ABC’s Good Morning America did its part with co-host Robin Roberts pushing the line that “hospitals in Gaza have been forced to close with fuel running short.” Not mentioned was the fact that Hamas not only operates in hospitals to use it as a giant human shield, but how Hamas has hoarded fuel.

Chief foreign correspondent Ian Pannell relayed using the word of terrorists that “the civilian casualty rate there climbs remorselessly” with “[m]ore than six and a half thousand have been killed in Gaza, according to Hamas health authorities.”

Pannell also ran sound from Nasser Hospital critical care Dr. Mohammed Ghandil fretting “we can’t do much for” the injured and dying with so little fuel and supplies. Sure enough, this same doctor was mentioned on Thursday’s CBS Mornings long with Wednesday’s ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Mornings.

Hours later on Thursday’s World News Tonight, correspondent Matt Gutman fretted that an Israeli airstrike left a “wailing baby” having to be “pulled out...encrusted in dust.”

By Friday’s Good Morning America, the terrorist tally went away, but the rhetoric didn’t with Gutman fretting “[e]ntire blocks” were “pulverized into that gray dust” with children trapped.

Over on Friday’s Today, NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel fretted “Gaza is being leveled” with “[t]he Health Ministry in Gaza, run by Hamas, say[ing] more than 7,000 Palestinians have been killed so far.”

“Our crew in southern Gaza witnessed an Israeli air strike and rushed toward it. A boy is rescued from the rubble and a girl remains trapped. She’s eventually freed and our cameraman caught up with her in an ambulance. She’s dazed,” he added before showing the alleged video her at a hospital.

His hits on Thursday’s Today and NBC Nightly News respectively saw him narrative stories meant to pull at the heartstrings of viewers with no mention of Hamas being ultimately responsible (click “expand”):

ENGEL [on NBC’s Today]: Gaza is in a state of collapse. 12 hospitals already shut because of a lack of supplies. Israel says it’s targeting Hamas tunnels that run under homes, schools, and hospitals. In one building, we saw this little girl inside of what’s left of her apartment. Rescue workers tell her to stay calm, that they’re nearly done removing debris. Her leg is trapped under concrete. They try to free her without collapsing the pocket she’s in. And, finally, she’s saved.


ENGEL [on NBC Nightly News]: For now, Israel is striking what's above ground. Our crew in southern Gaza witnessed an Israeli air strike and rushed toward it. A boy is rescued from the rubble. But a girl remains trapped. She’s eventually freed, and our cameraman caught up with her in an ambulance. She’s dazed and seems unaware of what's happening around her. At the hospital, she's treated on the floor. Given air, and comes around as she is cleaned. She says her name is Miral and asked if her father is alive. The medic tells her he’s fine, but didn't know. A woman next to her asks “Why are they doing this to us? What did we do?” Israel and President Biden accuse Hamas of using civilians as human shields. But Palestinians who can't leave Gaza ask where else are they supposed to go?

CBS also continued to ignore their Dear Leader’s advice. Thursday’s CBS Mornings highlighted Biden’s concerns from the get-go via Nate Burleson in the Eye Opener: “Israel prepares a ground invasion while President Biden questions the death toll in Gaza.”

Co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King promoted the Israel-hating United Nations: “U.N. officials inside Gaza say they are about to run out of fuel there, so their efforts to help civilians in the territory will have to be severely cut back.”

“[F]or the over two million Palestinians trapped inside Gaza, the consequences of this war are already catastrophic. The healthcare system is on the verge of collapse, fuel is in short supply...Almost no aid is coming in, but the stream of injured rushed to hospitals is never ending. Many victims young children, even babies,” she fretted before three soundbites from, yes, the same doctor from Nasser.

Senior foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata had the Gaza story on Thursday’s CBS Evening News and he must not have heard marching orders from the Biden regime: “In Gaza today, with the death toll mounting to more than 7,000, according to officials there, so too is the sadness, anger, and desperation. They count the shrouded bodies, even as more arrive.”

But, when it comes to Hamas claiming Israeli airstrikes killed “at least 50 hostages” Hamas had taken on October 7, D’Agata was made sure to emphasize that “CBS News can’t independently verify those numbers.”

Friday’s CBS Mornings chose to side with the terrorists over the guy they helped put in the White House. Even King wasn’t listening: “Hamas says Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 7,000 Palestinians. The head of U.N. relief efforts there says the world ‘seems to have turned its back on Gaza.’”

Foreign correspondent Deborah Patta was on the ground and had the sob stories and touting of U.N. trashing Israel to pair with the fake statistics (click “expand”):

In Gaza, there is nothing to stop Israel’s relentless bombardment, as it steps up airstrikes, often reducing entire neighborhoods to rubble. Bewildered children left with nothing. Amid the ash and the dust, gut- wrenching grief is everywhere. Often entire families are crushed under the ruins of residential buildings. This man lost his wife and four children. The grief so raw as he rocks his baby boy, he was just two-and-a-half months old. “What did he do,” “he wails. “Did he kill anyone? Did he kidnap someone? They were just innocent children inside this house.” 

The death toll in Gaza is soaring at a staggering rate. Body after body, wrapped in shrouds laid down outside a local hospital even as more arrive. Israel is also conducting ground raids into Gaza, overnight, another one targeting what the military says was a suspected Hamas position on the outskirts of Gaza City backed by fighter jets and drones. And the United Nations is now warning of possible war crimes being committed in Gaza saying it is deeply concerned about the collective punishment of people living there in response to the atrocious attack by Hamas, which it says is also a war crime[.]