Bye Bye: Jen Psaki Set to Leave White House in May, Bring Real Psaki Show to MSNBC

April 1st, 2022 11:01 AM

Axios media reporter Sara Fischer broke the news Friday morning that current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is set to resign from her position “around May” in order to join MSNBC as a guest on their “live programming” across “different shows” with a show on parent company Comcast’s streaming platform Peacock.

As Fischer noted, Puck News reported in February that Psaki had been taking meetings with both MSNBC and CNN (where she was a political commentator for four years), but it seems as though she’ll be joining the network formerly known by its slogan “Lean Forward.”

Fischer said sources have told her Psaki hasn’t “formally told the White House press team about her departure,” but has announced it to “some senior officials at the White House” while the network’s consulted “lawyers to make sure their conversations didn't violate any government regulations.”

Though a deal hasn’t been signed and it wasn’t reported the frequency in which her show will air, Fischer said her show wouldn’t be taking “the 9 p.m. hour replacing Rachel Maddow” even though it “had been speculated.”

Psaki’s show on Peacock would join their other shows known as part of section called The Choice, which currently includes radical leftists such as Michael Beschloss, Medhi Hassan, Zerlina Maxwell. 

Psaki would be joining Symone Sanders, who previously served as the Biden campaign’s communications director and then in the same position for the Office of Vice President Kamala Harris. For Sanders, her deal is for episodes twice a week each on MSNBC (Saturday and Sunday) and Peacock (Monday and Tuesday).

Psaki — host of what we’ve referred to as The Psaki Show — has spent the entirety of the Biden presidency as perhaps its most public face (aside from the President himself), left to answer, lie, and spin her way through the many controversies, crises, and gaffes.

And, of course, it’s safe to argue Psaki’s stock wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is without her viral back-and-forths with Fox News’s Peter Doocy, who’s been able to hold the administration accountable without scooping to the juvenile levels we saw with a host of liberal journalists to Trump press secretaries.

So, whether it’ll be called The Psaki Show, Circle Back with Psaki, or Psock It, or Put a Psock in It, White House reporters will soon face a new face on a day-to-day basis at the podium.