Partisan Hacks: CNN Pushes ‘Facts First’ Ad with FL Dem Praising CNN, Trashing Fox

October 23rd, 2018 9:34 PM

Our friends at the Washington Free Beacon flagged down quite the ad on Tuesday afternoon that CNN executive and public relations officials thought would be appropriate featuring far-left Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum sucking up to the network. 



The five-second ad spot came as part of CNN’s arrogant, pretentious “Facts First” campaign launched in October 2017 to take aim at President Trump while its talent have insisted that they’re not “the enemy of the people,” the opposition party, or just liberal journalists. 

The ad itself came from a line Gillum uttered during Sunday’s CNN debate against Republican opponent Ron DeSantis and moderated by The Lead and State of the Union host Jake Tapper: “This is CNN, not Fox. You have to bring facts to the conversation.”

The soundbite from Gillum chastising DeSantis then switched to conclude with the CNN logo and the “Facts First” motto. 

It’s no surprise that CNN would partner with a Democrat to knock their competitor. Turn on almost any CNN program or newsletter (specifically Reliable Sources) and the Jeffrey Zucker-led network’s contempt for the Fox News Channel is beyond overwhelming to the point that one has to wonder if Fox lives rent free in CNN’s head.