Laughable Charles Blow: Trump Already Has America in a ‘Constitutional Crisis’

February 5th, 2018 4:16 PM

Far-left New York Times columnist Charles Blow has a penchant for delusional columns and CNN appearances, so it was no surprise when his column for Monday’s paper warned that “Donald Trump will destroy this entire protect his own skin” and that we’re already in a “constitutional crisis.”

Blow’s title choice ofConstitutional Crisis in Slow Motionset the tone for the lunacy, which gave way to these two opening sentences: 

Donald Trump will destroy this entire country — its institutions and its safeguards, the rule of law and the customs of civility, the concept of truth and the inviolable nature of valor — to protect his own skin.

We are not dealing with a normal person here, let alone a normal president.

Blow provided a less-than-original analysis, screeching that President Trump “has always lived in his own reality and played by his own rules” or that originally running for president was “just another show.” When something doesn’t go Trump’s way, Blow argued that he “invented an alternate reality” “with devilish ease.” Yawn. Somehow, this guy is a columnist for one of the most famous newspaper’s of all time.

Rehashing the presidential campaign and that he assembled a shoestring political team, Blow showcased what many liberal journalists probably think deep down, which is that Trump “won the election, with Russian assistance and against all odds” and thus stole it from Hillary Clinton. 

“He was working-class white America’s rebuff to an erudite black man and a supremely experienced woman. Trump’s defects had been validated. He was loved among those who hate,” he added.

Concerning the Mueller investigation, Blow surmised that Trump views the Trump-Russia probe as “the ultimate game of Machismo Monopoly: The properties are at stake and there’s a ‘Go To Jail’ square in Robert Mueller’s corner.” Again, that’s an actual phrase used in a Times column.

Blow later resorted to more name-calling blasting the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo as a “ the near-treasonous water boy Devin Nunes” that “was mostly about FISA repeatedly granting the F.B.I. permission to monitor Page’s contacts with Russians.”

As a sidenote, the liberal media often decry the President’s insults and nicknames for his opponents as juvenile and immature. But here’s the thing: many of these same people test the President so much that they hurl verbal grenades back across the political divide. What an example these people set.

He closed with his fear about the firing of Mueller as Special Counsel:

People say that would create a constitutional crisis, but I say we are already trapped in a slow-motion constitutional crisis, or constitutional train wreck.

Trump will never put the country above himself. And his Republican assistants in the legislature have so bought into Trumpism that they now know that they will share his fate.

Buckle up, folks: This ride will get much rougher before it finally comes to an end.