Cuomo Throws Hissy Fit, Tries to Explain Trans Remarks Preaching ‘Tolerance’ By Attacking 'Nutz'

Following his latest combative segment on transgender people by smearing conservatives as 
“nutz” [sic] with intolerant views that will increase suicide rates, CNN’s New Day co-host Chris Cuomo threw a mini-fissy fit on Twitter Monday morning in the name of “tolerance.”

Cuomo took to Twitter almost immediately and proudly touted supporters praising him for saying that deciding to change genders “doesn’t happen on a whim” but “a continuum of time and hormones and pain and anxiety.”

Writing back to a fellow liberal who wrote that they’re a therapist, Cuomo tweeted:

This elicited a response from one user who blasted Ben Ferguson for putting forth a “BS argument” that, you know, boys should use boys locker rooms and girls use girls locker rooms. 

Of course, Cuomo retweeted it in addition to what one person wrote: “Thank u so much 4 trying so hard this morning...U were a voice of reason, acceptance & understanding for the LGBTQIA community.”

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While he did this on-air, he also offered a non-apology for a Thursday tweet in which he was asked what he would tell “a 12 year old girl who doesn’t want to see a penis in the locker room.”

Cuomo stated on Thursday that this person questioning him was being an “overprotective and intolerant dad,” so he offered this explanation Monday morning: 

Meanwhile, here’s now the snide CNN host dealt with a critic: 

“Ur peeps, @benfergusonshow . This is how see issue. Factually incorrect. Legally - we will see a SCOTUS next month. 4cir pro tolerance,” Cuomo tweeted in another.

Before slinking away, Cuomo retweeted a transgender “advocate” thanking him for “doing an awesome job talking about trans rights.”

While embedding video of the entire 10-minute debate, Cuomo argued: “Xgender raises some novel & difficult issues but "tradition" is not a reliable measure for liberty. Watch & discuss.”

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