LA Daily News: Trump Supporter Spat on for Protesting Media Bias Outside CNN’s LA Bureau

In a disturbing story first reported by the Los Angeles Daily News on Monday, a woman was arrested and charged with battery for allegedly spitting on a Trump supporter outside CNN’s LA bureau at an event originally aimed at protesting liberal media bias. 

Reporters Anita Bennett and Matthew Carey reported that the individual was taken into custody after having fled the media bias rally and fled to a coffee shop.

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Here’s how Bennett and Carey detailed the incident:

One person was taken into custody Monday evening during a pro-Donald Trump rally outside the CNN building in Hollywood. But it wasn’t a Trump supporter who was taken away in handcuffs by Los Angeles police, it was a woman who allegedly spat on one of the demonstrators, then dashed into a nearby coffee shop.

“The woman that they’re arresting right now spit on me. I had another gentleman spit in my face,” said Margaret Schofield as she carried a “Chino for Trump” sign.

The female suspect was being held on a battery count, a spokesman with the Los Angeles Police Department said.

The pair went onto explain (along with quotes from the roughly 20 attendees) that the Trump supporters gathered outside the CNN bureau “to speak out against what they perceive as pro-Hillary Clinton media bias and to demand CNN ‘be more truthful’ in its coverage of the 2016 presidential election.”

Along with the alleged spitting, one Trump supporter added that another passerby grabbed a homemade sign from one of those organized by San Fernado Valley 4 Trump and ripped it up.

Reacting to the gathering and subsequent incident, Media Research Center president Brent Bozell encouraged conservatives across the country to continue these demonstrations, adding that “if any protester is assaulted again, conservatives have every right to defend themselves appropriately.”

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