‘The People Who Hate America Hate the Jews,’ Levin Tells Bozell, Discussing Hamas and Media

October 17th, 2023 7:58 AM

Hamas isn’t the only group that hates the Jewish people, conservative commentator and constitutional scholar Mark Levin says in an exclusive interview with Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell.

Levin made the observation in the wake of Hamas’ recent terrorist attack on Israel, during a discussion of his new book, “The Democrat Party Hates America”:

“The people who hate America hate the Jews.

“They hate Israel, like all Marxists do. They want the destruction of the civil society. They want the destruction of democracy – and, they don’t care what it takes.”

Liberal media and the Democrat Party are – and always have been – working hand-in-hand against America, which is why they sympathize with Hamas and refuse to reject proponents of Marxism, Levin explains.

“Since when do we compare the beheading of a baby to the killing of a Hamas terrorist?” Levin asks, denouncing the media’s attempts to create an equivalency between Hamas terrorists and their victims.

“[I]t’s times like this when patriotic Americans, when liberty-loving Americans, when life-loving Americans understand that the media are on the other side of this thing. And, they always have been,” Levin explains, noting how media have a legacy of promoting abortion, eugenics and open borders.

Likewise, the Democrat Party has been authoritarian and an anathema to American principles since its inception, Levin says, recalling the party’s dubious history:

“As I explain in the book, you’ve got to look at this party through the lens of power. That’s all that matters. It’s an autocratic party.

“That is, it’s not your typical political party, like the Republican Party for all its failings. And there are many, including its failings to stand up to the Democratic Party in an effective way.

“What I’m saying is: the Democratic Party is not really built for the American system. It’s built against the American system. It has never embraced Americanism. It has never embraced the Declaration and the Constitution.

“It was the party of the Confederacy; it was the party of slavery; it was the party of Jim Crow and segregation and eugenics.”

Today, the Democrat Party is using its subservient media to perpetrate “the biggest propaganda con in American history,” by projecting its own checkered past on the Republican Party, while promoting an anti-American agenda, Levin says:

“You know, we talk about a free press. We don’t have a free press. We have a press that’s free to push this radical, Marxist, anti-American agenda. It defends the Democrat Party, because that is the vessel through which all of these movements – including the Hamas wing of the Democrat Party – function.”

In conclusion, Bozell implored all Americans to help support Israel by donating to one of a number of MRC-vetted organizations providing aid:

“This is not a crisis facing Israel. This is an existential crisis that is facing Israel. What is happening before our very eyes is exactly what was attempted by Adolph Hitler in World War II.”

“I do believe that every single American has a moral obligation to stand by Israel right now.

“There is so much the people need – whether it is food, whether it is blood, whether it is medical help, whether it is transportation, whether it is electricity – so much is needed by this country that is being attacked on all sides.”

“I beg you to help them,” Bozell said, urging Americans to visit his personal appeal, posted on MRC’s website, and click on a link to one of the aid organizations listed.

In response, Levin concluded by offering his thanks to all Gentile supporters of Israel:

“You know, let me say this to you, your family and everybody watching. Most of the people watching are not Jewish. And, I cannot thank you enough, all the people, you and the people watching.

“We Jews call people like you, who are Gentiles, ‘Righteous Gentiles,’ because we know we need your help to survive. There’s simply not enough of us.”


“The Arab World is massive. It’s backed by Russia, it’s backed by the Communist Chinese, it’s backed all kinds of evil forces.”

“And so, my final word is “Thank you,’” Levin said.

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