Ed Schultz Rips Glenn Beck on Twitter for Past Drug Troubles, Claims He’s Bought Off by ‘Mormons’

July 17th, 2014 3:30 PM

If you needed further evidence that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz lacks the maturity of someone who hosts a program on one of the major cable news networks, well here you go. The Ed Show host apparently tweeted out that the program had more Scott Walker news – presumably negative – which got the attention of The Blaze, when a reporter, Dan Andros, tweeted back at Schultz: “so shady! like that time you were bought and paid for by the Democratic party”. The tweet included a link which showed that Schultz got his slot on MSNBC through the Democratic Party.

Naturally, Schultz could not resist responding to Andros, initially tweeting (grammar is Schultz's): “work for the Blaze ? Now that’s a real job. !”. After a witty reply from Andros pointing out that Glenn Beck is listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most powerful celebrities, Schultz replied yet again, this time through a direct message, with a personal attack on Beck, in what would barely qualify as English:

Really ? I didn’t know that .. Did they mention former drug addict and drop out ? I’m just asking the question , I don’t know ?” Not to disappoint, Schultz evidently sent yet another direct message to Andros, with a cheap shot against Beck’s religion (and misspelling it in the process): “How much money has Beck taken from the mormans ? I don’t know , I’m just asking the question ?”.

One has to wonder what compelled Schultz to respond to such a tweet – he must get hundreds or thousands of mentions a day – with such anger. Maybe the truth hurts? The larger point that should be made is that this latest example of Schultz’s childish behavior is not really anything new.

Time after time, Schultz has resorted to personal attacks against those he does not like or those with whom he disagrees. Of course, we all remember when he infamously called Laura Ingraham a slut on his radio program. He has accused Republicans of racism, jihad against public education, and virtually every sort of attack one could imagine.