NY Times Gushes Over Doc of Bill Nye, the Jail-My-Climate-Change-Critics Guy

October 27th, 2017 3:55 PM

New York Times movie critic Andy Webster made the new documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy a “Critics Pick,” and the online headline sold it hard: “‘Bill Nye: Science Guy,’ a Portrait of a Fighter for Facts.” A photo caption gushed: “Bill Nye has a new mission: challenging climate-change deniers.” With jail time, apparently, though the Times doesn’t get into that:

In the film “Bill Nye: Science Guy,” Mr. Nye, the 1990s children’s-television personality with the signature bow tie, warns of “an anti-science movement” afoot in this country. And this delightful, revealing documentary, directed by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, offers evidence supporting that assessment.

Mr. Nye, who left his Emmy-winning series after around 100 episodes, has embraced a new mission: educating an older generation as he champions space exploration and challenges creationists and climate-change deniers.

In TV clips, Sarah Palin impugns Mr. Nye’s credentials...

What credentials? Nye’s engineering degree? His past as a children’s-TV show host? His honorary degrees?

Webster's fan note didn’t bother making a single nod toward balance:

The documentary...accompanies Mr. Nye to Greenland, where he witnesses melting ice caps and ice-core studies revealing climate temperatures of centuries past and our fossil-fuel-poisoned present.

Most inspiring, it finds him at a conference of adoring science teachers, who applaud him as a defender of all they hold dear.

Nye is in fact a liberal climate-change propagandist who lacks a science degree (very important for the credentialist-obsessed left) who has implied that people he disagrees with on global warming issues should be charged with crimes.

Webster also skipped Nye’s recent Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World, with immature skits that mortified even his usual left-wing fans. Also nothing on the stealth editing of the rerelease of one of the so-called science guy’s old show clips from 1996, to make it more in line not with new science, but with politically correct, if scientifically ignorant, transgender activism.