NYT's Liberal Snob on Limbaugh's Mindless Dittoheads

June 14th, 2006 10:56 AM
NY Times editorial writer Adam Cohen was on the Las Vegas junket attending the left-wing blog gathering of DailyKos fans in Las Vegas (“The Yearly Kos”), along with political reporter Adam Nagourney and columnist Maureen Dowd. Cohen plugs it in a starry-eyed editorial today, Could a 15-Year-Old With a Laptop Be the New Campaign Media Guru?

(The guru in question is one Ava Lowery from Alabama.)

Last week's gathering was widely described as a bloggers' convention, but it was a lot more. It was the mainstream debut of ‘Internet-powered politics,’ and it made a convincing case that the Internet will quickly surpass television as the primary medium for communicating political ideas. This could be good news for progressives, as the Daily Kos community hopes, and for the Democratic Party, which sorely needs some. But like all technological revolutions, Internet-powered politics could have some unintended consequences.”

Cohen delivers this self-serving justification for the dubious assertion that Democrats are more attracted to the Internet than Republicans, and throws in an insult of Limbaugh listeners for good measure:

“For the conventioneers, there was no question that Internet-powered politics would do as much -- or more -- for the left as talk radio did for the right. There are some cultural reasons why Democrats may be more attracted to the Internet. Democrats, as a group, may have warmer feelings about science and technology, or perhaps they are attracted to the decentralized, anti-authoritarian nature of blogs and e-mail (the exact opposite of a show like Rush Limbaugh's, where the host speaks and the ‘dittoheads’ take it all in).”

As if DailyKos leader Markos Moulitsas or Michael Moore don’t have zealous fans who see them in heroic terms.

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