Gaslighting 101: Kimmel Spins Biden’s Frozen Fundraising Moment

June 22nd, 2024 1:30 PM

Who are you going to believe, your eyes or a paid propagandist?

Jimmy Kimmel joined Oscar-winners Julia Roberts and George Clooney at Saturday’s DNC fundraiser for President Joe Biden. The comedian follows on the heels of his peer, Stephen Colbert, who previously took part in a similar gala for Biden’s re-election campaign.

Saturday’s gala ended on a frightening note when President Biden appeared to freeze up as the festivities wrapped. A video of the moment, captured by the far-Left Hollywood Reporter, showed former President Barack Obama grabbing Biden’s hand and, slowly, guiding him off the stage.

Bottom of Form

The younger man’s hand never left Biden’s back.



Prior to the exit, Biden appears frozen for a good six to seven seconds before Obama catches his attention.

The clip isn’t edited, nor is it a “cheap fake,” the new term invented by Democrats to explain away embarrassing Biden footage.

It’s also part of a larger, disquieting pattern that points in one terrible direction. The leader of the free world is suffering serious mental decline.

That’s not partisan. It’s the cold, hard truth.

Tell that to Kimmel.



He, like the press and the Democratic Party, must keep up the pretense that there’s nothing wrong with President Biden until Nov. 5. Yes, he’s 81, but he’s sharp as a tack, to paraphrase actor Michael Douglas.

Kimmel used his ABC show’s platform Monday night to tell us we cannot trust our eyes.

You know there’s a clip of Joe Biden going around today. They say he froze and had to be escorted off stage on Saturday night … I was standing right next to him when it happened. He didn’t freeze, he was listening to the people calling him in the front row.

His body froze for six-to-seven seconds. We saw it.

 But the right-wing media, while working very hard to claim Biden’s out of it, somehow seems to completely miss moments like this.

Kimmel then cued up a clip of President Donald Trump recently mistaking his doctor’s name. It’s Dr. Ronny Jackson, not Dr. Ronny Johnson, as Trump said.

It’s verbal gaffe, and a minor one. Jon Stewart also seized on it Monday night. It also cannot compare to the legion of Biden’s senior moments.





But that’s who Kimmel is in 2024. He’s not a satirist. He’s a propaganda tool for the Democrats.

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – “1984” by George Orwell