Adam Carolla: Mainstream Media, Big Tech Rigged Election for Biden

January 2nd, 2021 12:00 PM

Adam Carolla never jumped aboard the Trump Train.

The two worked together on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice years ago, a union which gave the podcaster a unique perspective on the future President.

Still, it wasn’t enough for Carolla to don a MAGA hat. Partisan politics isn’t his style, and his eclectic positions put him all over the ideological map.

  • Pro gay marriage
  • Pro legal marijuana
  • Smaller government
  • Pro free speech

Carolla can still sniff out the truth, something he did this week on “The Rubin Report.”



Host Dave Rubin and Carolla discussed an array of topics, from a crumbling California to the recent presidential election. Carolla, a native Californian, isn’t giving up on the Golden State like fellow podcast giant Joe Rogan or several major corporations.

At least not yet.

It’s what he said about the Trump-Biden slugfest that should raise eyebrows.

Carolla, who admitted to voting for President Trump over Joe Biden, agreed with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro about the election results.

“It’s not that the election was rigged, per se, by the states or the vote counters or mail-in ballots. It was essentially rigged by CNN, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, most all legacy and mainstream media and then Big Tech, all the Googles and Twitter,” Carolla said. “If you really think about it, it’s not much hyperbole.”

He defended his opinion by noting how both institutions covered a late breaking story involving Biden’s troubled son.

“If you think about just the Hunter Biden story as an example … forget it’s Hunter Biden and what the allegations are … there’s a story that’s a credible story and it would hurt one candidate. I don’t know if it’s three points or seven  points … it would definitely be damaging to one of the candidates.”

“Then all the legacy news organizations and then Silicon Valley all conspired to crush the story and were saying things like ‘Russian disinformation’ or that there’s no proof. So that story never comes out.

“Well, I would argue that’s tampering with the election. It’s certainly affecting the election,” Carolla said.

The post-election explanations for why the story got so little coverage don’t wash, he added. 

“When the smartest people in the world say, ‘oh, we didn’t know what was going on with that thing, we made a mistake’ … you didn’t know, huh? It’s pretty simple. They found a laptop and it had a bunch of information on it. Might you have some follow-up questions or do we just announce it’s Russian disinformation?”

It didn’t stop with the Hunter Biden story, though, he noted.

“Most, 90 percent of the media, were essentially running interference for one of the candidates all the way through — the COVID vaccines never gonna come out before the end of the year, [for example],” he said. “That’s gonna translate to a few points. and that is the tampering.”

Rubin pressed Carolla further about the current, corrupt press.

“My one tangible takeway.[from the year].is there’s simply nothing left in Mainstream Media …  the way they treated the Hunter Biden story, and then we were immediately told not to look at anything related to election fraud and told if we did we were basically Alex Jones,” Rubin said of the conspiracy-minded conservative. “It’s just done.”

Carolla said the lasting damage, beyond the election, focused on journalism’s decaying “brand.” And it’s not just the media.

“Think about what the Oscars means in 2021 versus the Oscars from our childhood,” Carolla said. “[Back then] It was appointment viewing, get the whole family, see who the best Picture of the year was … we didn’t argue about it, and we didn’t think there were any politics involved.”

That’s no longer the case due to an increasingly progressive Hollywood and Oscar’s new diversity requirements.

Carolla also called out Rotten Tomatoes, the film review aggregator site. His real target, though, was modern film critics.who put politics over quality. He noted how the critic/audience splits for films like “Hillbilly Elegy” and his own docudrama, “No Safe Spaces,” at Rotten Tomatoes reflected far more than film quality.

They had a progressive agenda attached.

“We don’t have to find out what the critics have to say on Rotten Tomatoes because it’s skewered. Everything is skewered,” he said. “When you do that .. you are shaking hands with the devil in terms of your brand.”

“The Oscars should have never let all this super woke sh** in. Once you announce, ‘we now need 50 percent people of color nominated for the Best Actor,’ it’s over. We go, ‘were they the best actors, or did they meet a quota?” Carolla asked.

Rubin changed the conversation back to No Safe Spaces, the Carolla docudrama featuring Rubin in a small role. The host recalled the reaction to both the film and its message when it first hit theaters last year and how reality proved their point.

“We were all told we were racists and bigots … are you impressed that we kinda called it, or depressed .. because we all called it?” Rubin said, referring to Cancel Culture’s insidious rise over the past 12 months. “That is the stuff that is happening everywhere now.”

“How could it go any other way? Of course it’s going to go that way,” Carolla said. 

“You go to this place for four years. We teach you a bunch of stuff, and then you take that with you into society. We just thought it would be a bunch of engineering and calculus and art history. We didn’t know it was gonna be an indoctrination to a bunch of ideas, but it is. And I would argue those ideas are more powerful than engineering are. You can’t just walk into your new job at Kinkos and start talking to everyone about structural engineering or sheer loads. It’s not gonna take.

“You start talking to everyone about your ideology, than it’s gonna spread and that’s exactly where we’re living,” Carolla said.

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