'Dear White People' Trailer Calls Fox News Racist

The latest trailer for the satire Dear White People offers what we've come to expect given the hype surrounding the film--uncomfortable racial observations and a few well-earned laughs. The snippet also features a character slamming Fox News and, by extension, its viewers as racist.

Is the full-length trailer, released Tuesday, carrying on the Left's assault against the sole cable channel which offers conservatives a fair shake?

The trailer features a college radio show with a host telling it like it is about race relations, punctuated with the call out, "Dear white people ..."

One white student objects to the format.

"How would you feel if someone started a 'Dear Black People?'" he asks.

"No need. Mass media from Fox News makes it clear what white people think of us," the radio host, who is mixed race, answers.

Now, films are allowed to make characters who express thoughts that don't necessarily align with the folks behind the scenes. Still, many screenwriters feed talking points to their characters as a way of sending a message. Just ask the creators of True Blood.

And when Vince Vaughn's character in The Dilemma told a joke in the trailer that was deemed to be anti-gay the film came under assault from GLAAD which wanted the comment removed from the film.

Dear White People hits theaters Oct. 17.

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