Ominous Omens in the Middle East

The situation that is unfolding in Egypt and the Middle East has such a potential of changing everyday, that anything I write about the current situation could well be yesterday’s news by the time you read it.

I don’t think that a lot of us understand the ominous volatility of what’s going on and unfortunately that reaches into the highest levels of politics in this nation.

Tunisia was the first pot to boil over with Egypt coming shortly thereafter and Jordan showing signs of following suit.

What makes the situation so difficult to deal with is there are millions of people demonstrating but there is no single person or group to negotiate with, nobody who can sign off on a deal to put an end to the riots.

In fact probably 99 percent of the people in the street have no clear-cut idea what it is they are demonstrating against. They only know they want a better life but have not a clue about what would have to be done to achieve it.

They only know that they are terribly unhappy with the present regime but have no consensus of opinion about who could come to power to give them the opportunities a better life constitutes.

I don’t blame anybody for wanting freedom and opportunities and letting the world know about it, but misdirected zeal is a truly dangerous thing and the potential for jumping from the frying pan into the fire is exponential.

I don’t see any way for the Middle Eastern situation to end any other way but badly.

The likelihood for a radical Muslim takeover is all but inevitable and the thing the Western World fears the most could well come to pass in the next couple of years and it could be catastrophic for people all over the world.

A radical Muslim dictatorship in Egypt could well result in the closing or destruction of the Suez Canal resulting in ships traveling an additional 10,000 miles to reach the ports of the US and other countries.

It could portend an all out war with Israel, as anti-Zionism is one of the few things that unites the Muslim world.

It could well result in intense terror attacks against all non Muslim nations as al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations procure new bases of operation.

In my humble opinion we could not have a more ill equipped president than Barack Obama whose total foreign policy seems to be politically correct rhetoric and inaction instilling respect and fear in absolutely nobody.

Obama just simply doesn’t have the experience to deal with events on the world stage. Two years in the Senate, teaching a college class and being a community organizer for outfits like ACORN don’t go very far when you’re dealing with the cold eyed killers who will probably come to power in the aftermath of this melee.

And to make things worse he has surrounded himself with eggheads and pantywaist political hacks that think terrorists should be tried in the middle of New York City and probably believe America is to blame for the whole mess anyway.

On Obama’s watch we could well lose the entire Middle East as one after another Middle Eastern nations are emboldened by the actions of others and take to the streets.

The Middle East has been ripe for this kind of thing for decades. Many of the populations are illiterate, ill informed and exploited by one repressive regime after another.

I wish I could have some faith that these put upon people would achieve what they’re reaching so desperately for.

I wish they could live in a free and prosperous country with true justice and no fear of the dreaded midnight knock on the door.

I wish they could be ruled by compassionate and capable leaders whose ideology was not based on blind hatred.

But I would bet that if the truth were known, the level of agitation from the radicals would be staggering. All this is to their advantage and they’re just waiting in the wings to reap the benefits.

Where does it go from here?

God only knows.