A Personal Tribute to Sean Hannity

A popular phrase among the political left these days is "I support the troops... but."

But what?

You either support the troops or you don't support the troops. If you really support the troops you want to see them pursue a winning strategy in whatever war they're fighting and come home to a grateful country.

That's whether you agree with the politics involved or not. The military does not start wars and are rarely left to their own devices when it comes to the fighting of one, but some in the media always want to paint our military with the blackest paint available, magnifying the smallest negative and ignoring the most positive.

There are however a few highly influential anomalies in that equation and none more dedicated to the sincere and unconditional support of our men and women in uniform than Sean Hannity.

Sean's support for the military is born from a deep and abiding love for America, he is a straight ahead patriot who chops the logs of contention and lets the chips fly, making no apology for where they land.

There is no wavering in approach, no wandering off the path to curry favor from one side or the other, no breath of political correctness here, just a man with a common sense approach to the problems that confront America and a willingness to stand alone for his beliefs if it's necessary.

Each week Sean does five three-hour radio shows and five one-hour television shows, each one requiring research and preparation, not to mention the numerous speeches and other public appearances he makes.

Yet with all this hectic schedule, Sean Hannity devotes his summer family vacation time to do the Freedom Concert Tour, a coast-to-coast concert series to support the Freedom Alliance, an organization founded by Ollie North, which insures that the children of those who gave their lives or became 100% disabled in the military service of this nation, will be able to get a college education.

In addition to devoting several weeks of his and his family's lives to raising money for this tremendously worthy cause, he has personally given in excess of a million dollars to it.

Our troops and their families love Sean Hannity, and with good reason.

He is and always has been in their corner; no matter what the political climate or the mood of the country.

He realizes that without our military there would be no America.

Politicians and pundits sway with the winds of change, but Sean Hannity stands tall for what he believes in and America is a better place for it.

Sean Hannity, I love you.

May God bless and keep you.

Charlie Daniels

Fox News Channel Hannity