Liberal Media Censoring 'Disgraced IRS Hack' Lois Lerner's Exit from Government Service

Disgraced IRS hack Lois Lerner is getting a taxpayer-funded golden parachute, and the Tea Party-hating liberal media are making sure their hero has a nice soft landing. The news of her retirement and her pension reportedly worth more than $50,000 was censored by ABC, CBS, and NBC.

In spite of constantly mounting evidence to the contrary – including some of Lerner’s own emails – the media are still dismissing this major scandal as a case of bureaucratic buffoonery. This is a coordinated, politically-motivated attack by a powerful government agency on American citizens, plain and simple.

Lerner is at the dead center of the worst scandal since Watergate, and the very people she targeted for IRS harassment are now on the hook for her pension. Few people in America today deserve more scrutiny from the press than she does. Her alleged actions, motives, and lies have rocked the American people’s faith in government, and she must be held accountable.

Editor's Note: See the related Media Research Center press release here.

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