No Joke: Bozell Demands Letterman Cut the Schtick, Ask Prez About Ongoing Jobs Catastrophe

Tonight, Barack Obama will make his seventh appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, his second as Commander-in-Chief.

This is a man who can’t make room in his busy campaign fundraising schedule for critical intelligence briefings, or his jobs council, or even a sit-down with the Prime Minister of Israel while Iran’s uranium centrifuges are whizzing away toward Armageddon. Instead he is on his way to the Ed Sullivan Theater for yet another cutesy campaign infomercial courtesy of his boosters at CBS and Worldwide Pants.

In other words, Emperor Nero is yukking it up with his court jester while the world burns.

During his last stop on the Late Show in September 2009, Obama uttered what should be #1 on Letterman’s Top Ten List of Things the Media Pretend Obama Didn’t Say:  “Unemployment is still going to be a big problem for at least another year.” That was three years ago.

He also told Letterman that the “single most important task for my administration and my economic advisors is how do we make sure that we put people back to work.”

It wasn’t a joke then, but it sure sounds like one now.

Letterman is paid millions to ask questions, so will he have the courage tonight to ask the obvious follow-up: “Why, after three more years of your leadership, Mr. President, is unemployment still a big problem?” Since Obama made that statement in September 2009, we’ve had 36 straight months of unemployment above 8%.

The Media Research Center is calling on its members to contact Mr. Letterman and CBS by phone, Facebook and Twitter to demand that Letterman hold Obama accountable for his statement on the Late Show three years ago. Letterman has regularly asked aggressive, challenging questions of conservatives, and it’s about time he did something to balance that out.

This President has much to answer for, and would clearly rather schmooze with his celebrity friends and conduct softball interviews with ET and People than take real questions from the White House press corps.

Don’t let him get away with it, Mr. Letterman. Hold the President accountable and demand he Tell the Truth about his failed jobs record.


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