Networks Ignore Bogus Obama Attack Ad Blaming Romney for Cancer Death

Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters might as well be located in a sewer. The content of the Priorities USA Obama Super PAC ad blaming a woman's death from cancer on Mitt Romney is almost impossible to believe. The only thing more impossible to believe is that the so-called “news” networks can go two full days pretending that it doesn’t exist.

And even then, only ABC has mentioned it during their evening news broadcast. There’s still nothing from NBC Nightly News or CBS Evening News on this. The networks shouldn’t have to be dragged kicking and screaming into reporting the news.

Never mind for a moment that the ad is a proven fraud and that the Obama campaign knew about this story and were caught lying about it. The Obama camp is so desperate that they’re actually blaming Mitt Romney for cancer now. This isn’t major news, but according to NBC the condition of Barack Obama’s socks is?!

We knew this would be one of the nastiest campaigns in our history. But this line of attack, that Mitt Romney was responsible for this woman’s death, goes so far beyond anything we’ve seen in modern American politics.The networks are complicit in the Obama campaign’s plot to assassinate Mitt Romney’s character. We saw this when they let Harry Reid’s baseless accusation that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in a decade linger for days on end. There’s no other explanation.

That ABC, CBS, and NBC can pretend not to smell this kind of campaign sewage is nothing short of remarkable. They simply will not Tell the Truth about anything - no matter how despicable and dishonest it is – if it hurts Barack Obama and his chances of re-election. The broadcast networks are 100% for Obama and 100% against Romney, and they’re not even trying to hide it.

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