CAIR Wants 'Muslims for Obama' Gear, But What About 'Journalists for Obama' Swag?

In an unprecedented move, the Media Research Center believes that the Council on American-Islamic Relations' (CAIR) recent call to action is not extreme enough.
According to the Daily Caller, CAIR is upset with President Obama for refusing to produce campaign swag specifically designed for Muslims. He has catered to many niche groups by creating "Jewish Americans for Obama" bumper stickers, "LGBT for Obama" pins, "African Americans for Obama" and "Latinos for Obama" t-shirts and even "My Two Dads Support Obama" baby onesies.  But no "Muslims for Obama" offerings exist and CAIR objects to their exclusion.  

I couldn’t agree more. If you’re going to raise money through identity politics, shouldn’t you exploit as many identities as possible? And unfortunately, RADICAL Muslim Americans are not the only ardent Obama supporters being discriminated against. So I ask:

Where is the "Journalists for Obama" campaign gear?

After all, the "news" media have worked overtime for years to reelect President Obama. They have continually turned a blind eye to his radically liberal agenda, underscored his policy failures that have crippled our economy, and helped cover up scandals that would sink his chances of reelection. The very least Obama could do is thank journalists for jeopardizing their integrity by giving them their own t-shirts for goodness sake!

The MRC thus demands all Obama supporters be given equal opportunity to Tell The Truth! about how they are working tirelessly to help the President move “Forward."

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