Irony Alert: Washington Post Showcases 'Don't Believe the Liberal Media!' Signs at a Santorum Rally After Disparaging Him

Talk about irony. The front page of today's Washington Post featured a large photo of a Rick Santorum rally in New Hampshire, with two of MRC's "Don't Believe the Liberal Media!" signs front and center. That's nice, but perhaps the Washington Post should read its own front page more often.

Just days ago, a Post columnist personally and  viciously attacked Senator Rick Santorum's family over how they dealt with the death of their newborn son. Even though some at the Washington Post recognize their paper's dislike of  Santorum and his social-conservatism, this hasn't stopped the paper from printing outrageous and offensive content on its pages.


This is why the MRC is demanding the liberal media 'Tell The Truth!' in the 2012 election coverage.  Our upcoming, $3 million campaign promises to hold their feet to the fire.

Photo credit: Evan Vucci of Associated Press.

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