‘Good Times Never Seemed So Good!’ Flashback to Democratic/Media Campaign High

Neil Diamond: “Good times never seemed so good!” Refrain from CNN staff and Democrats: “So good, so good!”

The days, weeks and months ahead must have seemed to hold such glory with Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech just hours earlier setting a course to her inevitable November victory.

Looking back, this moment may have been the high point for Democrats and the news media – but I repeat myself.

The moment: 1:18 AM EDT (Thursday night, July 28/Friday morning July 29) hours after Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.

The location: Inside the CNN Grill in Philadelphia.

The participants: CNN staff, Democrats and Democratic National Convention attendees.

The what: They broke into celebratory song as CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar (the one on stage wearing a white dress) led the joyous gathering in singing along to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” as CNN joined in live following a commercial break.

Needless to say, no such spontaneous celebration broke out live on CNN the week before in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

This video was first posted July 30 on NewsBusters by Curtis Houck.

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