David ‘The Grinch’ Letterman Frets Too Much Spent on Toys for Kids

Every year, in the days before Christmas, toy expert Shannon Eis goes on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman to show off the hot toys of the season. But this year, she was greeted Wednesday night by a “Grinch” Letterman disturbed by “$20 billion a year on toys. 20 billion dollars a year!”

“I wonder if we should take some of that money and put it elsewhere,” Letterman ruminated. “I don’t want to be the Grinch here,” he deflected before being just that, fretting “but people in this country need food.”

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With self-awareness of his disconnect with the season, he quickly suggested: “So maybe we could take some of that $20 billion and feed some people, then it’s a win-win,” quipping, “so, for example, with every toy maybe you get a sandwich.”

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