ABC Drama Warns of ‘Conservative Overlords’ Bringing Anti-Black ‘Salem Witch Trials’ to DC

May 16th, 2013 8:23 PM

The Hollywood Left just can’t resist shoving its anti-conservative invective into prime time TV shows, even an over-the-top, melodramatic soap-opera with ludicrous plots like ABC’s Washington, DC-set Scandal, which has its season finale at 10 PM EDT/PDT tonight.

On last week’s episode, a lead character ominously warned that if the current Vice President, a conservative woman Republican, made it to the Oval Office, she “and her conservative overlords” will impinge on “the rights” of African-Americans and raise the specter of the devil.

Cyrus Beene,” the gay White House Chief-of-Staff to a liberal Republican President, lectures “Olivia Pope,” the white President’s black mistress played by real-life Obama supporter Kerry Washington, about how she must convince “President Fitzgerald Grant” to run for re-election or doom is ahead for her because of her race.

As the two sit on a bench in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House, Cy pleads with Pope, who plays a DC fixer: “If he walks away, if he doesn’t run for re-election, that is a blow the Republican Party will not recover from, not for years, and if it does recover, it’ll be in the hands of Sally Langston and her conservative overlords, and the rights of people like me – and you-

Pope jumps in: “Do not bring my rights into this.”

Cy Beene continues, referring to a woman accused of teaching witchcraft: “It will be the Salem witch trials, Liv. It’ll be, ‘I saw Goody Johnson with the devil,’ here in D.C.”