Saturday Night Funny Video....Make that Audio: Woman Wants Signs Moved to Direct Deer to Other Crossings

An Obama voter who assumes if he can lower the seas then local transportation departments can get deer to obey highway signs? A woman called a Fargo, North Dakota radio station last month to complain about how she’d hit three deer with her car over the years and wants deer crossing signs moved so the deer will cross less busy roads – as if deer read and follow roadside signage! Is she for real? Listen and judge for yourself.

“Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstates?” She insisted: “They can direct the deer population anywhere they want to by moving the deer crossing sign.”

I heard about this in an e-mail on Wednesday which linked to a YouTube posting by “tutufunny4u” who added still shot images to accompany the audio. At the time, it had been played fewer than 2,000 times. By tonight, more than 600,000 had enjoyed it.

It’s from “The Morning Playhouse with Zero, Rat and Maggie” on “Y94” radio in Fargo, ND/Moorhead, Minnesota, which touts itself as “the valley’s number one hit music station.” The call, from whom the hosts later dubbed “Donna the Deer Lady,” came during the morning drive show’s weekly “vent line” back on Monday, September 17.

Their podcast of the segment with the call. And a mp3 of the follow-up segment in which callers and the hosts laugh about it.


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